World's First Pre-installed Built-in ESA Terminal on Vehicle

In earlier September, StarWin cooperates with domestic Car Industry to successfully complete the release and guarantee work of "Satellite Communication Vehicle", This is the world first time for powering the intelligent electric car with StarWin Pre-installed built-in full dimensional ESA terminal and create the history for integrating new energy industry with Satellite Communication Technology. The Vehicle becomes a mobile 4G/5G base station powered by Satcom ESA terminal . The large scale landing of Satellite applications and the grand vision of creating a “future travel” will be successfully realized, bringing a strong boost to the rapid &long term transformation of domestic and world electric car ‘s satellite communication &navigation.



On June 4, 2023, Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft successfully landed and three space astronauts heroes safely returned to Earth. At the desolate Dongfeng landing site, StarWin's conformal type ESA phased array satellite communication vehicle successfully completed the first live broadcast of the landing of the Shenzhou 15 spacecraft on television. The conformal type fully dimensional ESA terminal developed and produced by StarWin performed stably and amazingly throughout the entire process, achieving the expected design goals.


On June 16, 2023, after a 1600 kilometers long distance training from Chengdu to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, and several days of continuous startup and application testing, StarWin's conformal type ESA phased array satellite communication vehicle appeared at the Inner Mongolia Smart Coal Mine Exhibition, attracting high attention from industrial leaders, experts, and users.


From May to August 2023, in Spain, the UK, Oman, and Abu Dhabi, StarWin successfully completed the satellite network access tests and business validation of several Ka band high-throughput satellites for the full dimension ESA terminals developed and produced by StarWin. The successful completion of the above work marks StarWin becoming the world's first manufacturer with the capability to develop and produce vehicle Ka band satellite phased array terminals on a large scale.



In April 2023, in Australia, the Ku band 2D electronic scanning+2D mechanical scanning Hybrid ESA terminal successfully completed business testing on Ku band high-throughput satellites.



On July 18, 2023, in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, StarWin successfully completed application testing of its batch-customized Ku band ESA terminals for high-throughput satellites under high-temperature and harsh environments.



The successful application of the above vehicle mounted ESA terminal series marks the entry of StarWin's Ku and Ka band fully dimension ESA terminal products into the stage of large-scale application, and also marks StarWin becoming a leading enterprise in providing integrated, intelligent, and conformal ESA terminals for the "mobile broadband satellite industry".


With the transformation of satellite communication technology and services, there has been a new framework for optimizing mobile communication networks to "space-earth integration, satellite-cellular network integration", Enabling the automobile, aircraft, UAV, Marine industries to upgrade with digital intelligence technology, especially powered by cutting edge ESA terminal. StarWin is pleasant to see that, adhering to the vision of "Make Satcom Simple & Easy", after years of StarWin unremitting persistence & efforts, StarWin has become One Stop Satcom Terminal and Antenna provider with wide range of Satcom products ranging from land, sea, air terminal, interoperable for LEO, MEO GEO as well as Hybrid Monitoring SAR Radar system covering Satcom, Navigation, Remote sensing and Measurement.


StarWin would like to cooperate with satellite operators, SP, strategic partners, customers to provide excellent satcom terminal products and solution-oriented services to benefit global users with constant and seamless satellite connection anytime, anywhere.  





Created on:2023-09-27 13:40

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