On the first day of the WSBW

On the first day of the WSBW, Starwin and the world's top satellite communication operators, service providers, and baseband system providers gathered in Paris to share the opportunities and challenges brought by technological changes in the satellite communication industry, such as Leo, Meo, Geo, software-defined satellites, virtualization and share the ecological evolution of the industry.

Satellite communication industry’s development demands highly integrated, cost-effective, and high-performance ESA terminals for land, maritime, and air mobility. Starwin has dedicated to the research and development of these terminals and has already achieved scaled production. Starwin’s terminals offer the flexibility to switch between LEO,MEO,GEO, empowering various industries such as automotive, drones, civilian flights, maritime vessels, and connecting 4G and 5G base stations, making microwave and satellite communication an integral part of future 6G networks.

Don't Miss Today's Highlight Moment: Starwin COO, Amelia, will join forces with leading global satellite network solution and service provider to share our groundbreaking contributions to global satellite communication. Our goal is to bring “one earth,one star network integration” to areas where communication is not possible, enabling seamless communication, social media interactions, online conferences, video calls, and live streaming worldwide. Let's transform the globe into one big happy family!

Starwin's presence at the WSBW event highlighted our commitment to innovation in global satellite communication. our pioneering efforts in developing integrated ESA terminals demonstrate their dedication to providing cost-effective solutions for various industries. By ensuring connectivity across previously unreachable areas, Starwin is revolutionizing the satellite communication landscape and contributing to the realization of a globally connected world.

Created on:2023-08-14 10:45

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