Starwin Terminal Devotion In Henan Flood Disaster Emergency Rescue!

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The rainfall reached 200mm in an hour! China 's Henan Province suffered a serious flood disaster with rare heavy rain attack. Extreme heavy rainfall caused a large area of power outage and service withdrawal of communication base stations, many communication optical cables were damaged, and tens of thousands of users' communication services were affected. The "island effect" after natural disasters is the most worrying, and the restoration of communication is very important for the affected people and rescue teams. Delays in response could potentially mean the difference between life and death. This urgency makes the rapid, reliable deployment of #communication #networks for emergency response teams and aid groups especially critical. To ensure the swiftest and most dependable response possible, first responders need access to an on-demand, fail-proof connectivity solution that is easy to deploy.


Together with the emergency rescue departments, Starwin Innovative Flat Panel Terminal, Flat Onthemove Antenna and Ku / Ka ESA Terminal provides stable COTP and COTM emergency voice communications and broadband satellite internet access for the surface network destroyed disaster area. It is a precious satellite link that can save lives for the affected people and the rescue team.

2021-08-13 17:53