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Electronically Steering Phased array satellite antennas and terminal technology are critical links in the satcom industry chain as well as the difficulties and key technological heights that the global satellite communications industry needs to overcome. In order to vigorously promote the development of Satcom Electronically Steering phased array terminal and meet the global Satcom market new needs with the development of LEO constellation and MEO ,GEO HTS satellite more lauching , on the basis of successfully holding three times seminar on technical standards and test methods for simple electronically steering phased array antennas, The 4th Satcom Phased Array Antenna Technology Seminar is hosted by the Satcom Committee of the China Institute of Communications was held in Chengdu on Oct.15, 2020. Domestic research institutes, enterprises, measurement and testing units, relevant government industry authorities, and various More than 150 experts and representatives from field application units attended the meeting.

Satellite Phased Array Antenna Technology Conference Site

Starwin Chairman James Li, CEO Tao Liu, COO Amelia Liu and others led sales &tech team to participate in this Seminar. As one of the supporting units of this conference, Starwin brought its self-developed Ka band fully electronically steering phased array satcom terminal and other series of mechanically steering flat panelterminal(FL60P-E Auto portable terminal (Intelsat FlexMove Certified) FL30P-M(Compact manual portable terminal Under Intelsat Flexmove certified) appeared in the booth, and aroused high attention and interest from experts and colleagues in the Satcom industry . Starwin Chairman James Li also delivered a speech on "Satellite Communication Electronically Steering Phased Array Terminal Technology and Application" at the Seminar.

A steady stream of experts come to consult Starwin phased array and flat panel array products

Starwin Chairman James Li gave a speech at the conference

Starwn participating team with NEW ESA terminal


On the morning of October 16, 2020, more than 50 leaders, experts and colleagues who participated in this Seminar visited the Starwin Cheng Du headquarters. All of visitors are very impressive about Starwin’s hi-tech Satcom terminal’s speedy development and better future and China Satcom Committee Chairman Mr.Yao encourages Starwin to fully utilize all the hi-tech resources and world wide sales channel to do more contribution to the global Satcom industry development.  

Visitors are impressed at the company's product exhibition hall

visiting the company's assembly workshop

visiting the company test site

The guests had in-depth exchanges with company management and technical personnel, watched company briefing videos, and visited the product exhibition hall, technology R &D center, assembly and commissioning workshop, and testing center.

Chairman James Li and COO Amelia Liu discussed with China Satcom Committee Chairman Mr.Yao

CEO Tao Liu introduced product technology to the visitors

Watching Company briefing video


Through the explanations and demonstrations of the company’s management and technical staff, the guests had a comprehensive understanding of the company’s profile, philosophy, product development, etc., and had an intuitive understanding of the technical characteristics and application scenarios of the company’s innovative Electronically Phase Array Terminal. The visitors expect Starwin to continue to increase the Satcom market expansion abroad and at home , accelerating the large-scale production process of the next generation of integrated and intelligent satcom terminals by providing a strong driving force for the development of world Satcom industry to Make Satcom Simple &Easy.  


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