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About us 

China Starwin Briefing

China Starwin Briefing
Antenna Fabrication
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Floor 8th, Hengtian SmartFortune Building, No. 2 Daqing Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an China
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China Starwin Science&Technology Co.Ltd (China Starwin) is well positioned to provide cost &high effective solutions for 
Chinese and global satellite communications requirements. As a Chinese leading antenna manufacturer ,China Starwin always continue to devote to the Innovative engineering solutions by supplying evolutionary flat terminal , VSAT Antenna, on the move Rx only antenna for vehicle and shipping vessel etc. Besides that, China Starwin can also supply earth station antenna from 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m,3m, 3.7m, 4.5m, 5.3m,6.2m,7.3m,9m,11m,13m,16m C,Ku,X, Ka band etc. with installation and commission test ,training services,  flyaway antenna, vehicle mounted antenna, on the move antenna and maritime antenna etc.

Thanks for 3S -Superiority Quality, Speed response , Service -Tailor made service , China Starwin's antenna has gained world wide recognition from all over the world such as Europe(Germany, France, Russia , Greece, France, UK, Israel etc, USA ,Mexico, Africa(South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, DRC ,Seychelles ,Tanzania,Mauritania,  Middle East(Iran ,UAE etc)  , South America(Brazil, Peru ) Asia(Singapore, Indonesia , Phillippine,Pakistan )etc.  And China Starwin will continue to devote to world Satellite communication industry, and let the whole world to fall in love with the antenna made by China Starwin.

Products & Service Range
China Starwin is leading satellite equipment and solution provider specialized in design, development and manufacturing 3 main new types of antenna and 4 regular main types of antenna :

New type :

1) VSAT Antenna
2) Flat portable antenna
3) Terminal: Fixed terminal & portable terminal

Regular type:
1) earth station antenna from 1.8m,2.4m,3m,3.7m,4.5m,6.2m,7.3m,9m,11m,13m,16m in C, Ku X,Ka band etc.
2) flyaway antenna (manual & auto deploy),
3) Rx only antenna
4) Vehicle mounted antenna And other antenna products such as customized antenna, marinetime antenna ,antenna controller and tracking receiver ,feed system etc. In addition, China China Starwinis well known for providing adept customization to meet specific needs and requirements.

Not only supplying these antenna system products , China Starwin can also provide complete satellite communications network systems integration including presales analysis, system designing and installation ,commissioning test , training, maintenance etc, maximizing the technical and commercial benefits for global customers with better ratio of cost ,performance, quality and reliability. China Starwin products and services have been worldwide apply to the satellite ground terminals of Military, Government Agencies, Broadcasting, Financial Institutions , Energy resource, Transportation, Business, remote education & Telemedicine, Disaster recover ,Emergency response etc.

Resources &Facility
China Starwin factory is covered in 20,000 m2 and staffed with 350 employees,. Technical foundation is based on 28 highly talented professional engineer with unique Satcom field’s backgrounds and knowledge. The core of the R&D team includes a number of senior engineer who are industry leaders and also visiting professors for China Key universities Communication Research Institution. The highly efficient Global Sales and Business Development team currently exports tens of thousands of antenna to customers worldwide with good recognition. China Starwin utilizes the latest technologies in cutting, metal and stretching forming, automated machining, robotic-welding, and finishing to produce industry-leading satellite antenna systems including earth station antenna, and Rx only antenna . With huge ISO-certified facilities, production can be quickly ramped to meet the demand of Starwin’s Satellite System customers.

High Qualified products
Thanks to the super quality control and supervise under ISO9001-2000 management system, China Starwin’s antenna system products has undertake very strict production procedure from raw material selection ,semi products to finished products , and strict tests has also been done to guarantee antenna products’ super quality electrically, mechanically and environmentally by utilizing sophisticated test facilities. All these ensure China Starwin antenna specification can quite well meet FCC Regulation 25.209, IESS and ITU-RS .580-5, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, INTELSAT, APT and CHINASAT and RASCOM etc.

Global Recognition
Thanks to 3S(Superiority, Speed, Service) management system , China China Starwin offers our global customers the versatile and cost effective solution with superior antenna products at highest speed with tailor–made service, this not only contributes to cost reduction for our customer , but also provide significant value –added advantages through facilitating our customers’ work , improving our customers’ working efficiency, using our in-depth knowledge of sectors , cost reduction, delivery improvement , and complementary services etc. Therefore, China China Starwin has successfully achieved sustainable growth and development by providing our superiority antenna products and service for our global customers in Satcom industry such as Satellite operator, broadcaster, system integrator, network provider, turn key provider, telecom operator, VSAT user , Satcom equipment provider ,offshore business provider etc.

Mission &Vision

China Starwin’s mission is to focus on customer’s demands by providing superior antenna products with cost effective solution and better tailor-made service to create more& sustainable value for our customers.
China Starwin’s vision is to build communication to enrich life for everyone in the world.