Strength - Why Starwin?



1) Correct Strategic Direction

Make Satcom Simple & Easy

•Make VSAT Terminal Smart & Fast

China Starwinis operated under International standard of Management Concept , and our Top management level consists of  Talents with MBA, PMP , we know  how to achieve better communication with the customers and we also know to meet customer’s requirements is the only reason of Starwin’s exist and cutomer’s demands is the eternal power for Starwin’s development. Setting up team, production procedure, regulation ,culture at the customer orientation and providing customer  with cost effective solution at most convenience, creating more& sustainable value for customers.


2) Innovative next generation antenna and terminal

•All in one terminal including Antenna, Modem, BUC, LNB, WiFi, Power supply, battery etc
•Intelligent Smart Operation
•Small size & light weight
•No installation charge, free maintenance
•Cost effective solution for different application scenario


3) International standard of Management Concept and Team

•Management Principle: 3S-Superiorty, Speed, Service
•SMART principle: Specific, Measureable, Attained, Result based, Time based.


4) Strong R&D support & Design backup

China Starwinmaintains a good &friendly relationship in exchange and cooperation with China Institute of Communication and China Satellite etc. And China Starwinalso implemented strategic cooperation with CETC54 , NWIEE, CETC14, Northwestern  Polytechnical University Communication college , School of Telecommunications Engineering of Xidian University, Northwestern University Communication college for mutual R& D, staffed and guided by competent researchers experienced in field,to form a powerful alliance by establishing a good theory practice cooperation platform in technology,all these become Starwin's powerful backup in satellite communication and telecommunication research and development  and provide customer-tailored solution to meet customer's specific demands.


5) Competent technical team


6) Good Quality with more stability-ISO9001 certifcate

Under strict ISO9001-2000 management system , Starwin’s antenna system products has undertake very strict production procedure from raw material selection , processing from semi products to finished products , and strict tests has also been done to guarantee antenna products’ super quality electrically, mechanically and environmentally.All these ensure China Starwin antenna specification can quite well meet FCC Regulation 25.209, IESS and ITU-RS .580-5, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, INTELSAT,  APT and CHINASAT and RASCOM etc,  which can keep our qualified products stable ,reliable and highly recognized by our customer.


7) Fast feedback & Tailor-Made service

*within1 working day’s fast reply                                        

*24/365 better tailor made


8) Global export

.Rich experiences in global export &import ,facilitating customer work.


9) HighInternational recognition

China Starwin has achieved ISO9001 -2000 certificate, which lead to well organized production and the stable superior quality. Meanwhile, China Starwin's antenna system specification can meet FCC Regulation 25.209, IESS and ITU-RS .580-5, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, INTELSAT, APT and CHINASAT etc. And Our qualified products has already been installed and operated in a good condition in domestic market and overseas market with worldwide recognition and high appraisal from our global customers.

*Make customer happy, convenient &Easy


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