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Contact us

Support & Service

Floor 8th, Hengtian SmartFortune Building, No. 2 Daqing Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an China
Telephone No.:
+86 29 88664381
+86 13991207378

Fax No. :
+86 29 87650669




The main goal of the China Starwin support staff is committed to providing our Satellite Communications customers with high quality, professional services & most convenience in the antenna selection , technical questions' answering , delivery guarantee, shipment arrangement , installation, testing, training, and maintenance areas at highest speed.

 Antenna installation & Commissioning

  1. Installation and testing products
  2. Factory trial assembly and alignment support
  3. Installation of earth station systems and electrical services
  4. Commissioning & Verification test

Customer Training
Training include:

  1. Antenna structure
  2. Antenna RF theory
  3. Antenna installation procedure
  4. Antenna point to satellite
  5. Antenna electrical/mechanical parameter verification
  6. Wiring diagram
  7. Controller commissioning and trouble shooting
  8. Troubleshooting and preventative maintenance
  9. Tailored to specific antennas and/or customer needs

Customer any time service : 24 x 7 x 365 Service

  1. China Starwin Staffs answers calls any time -24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  2. Technical personnel available during non-business hours


Web any time service  (tech@starwincom.com)

    • Direct link to China Starwin technological department customer care section . 
    • Technical assistance available within 1 working day via reply mail