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China Starwin’s professional technical engineering team can provide the overall cost effective solution by supplying satellite ground communications products, systems engineering, project integration and installation services to create advanced satellite communication systems.
China Starwin engineering team has more consolidated experience designing, developing, and manufacturing, installing, testing and commissioning satellite telecommunications equipment to provide a complete, cost-effective solution for any communication requirement. China Starwin can not only supply the high qualified antenna products, antenna supporting facilities, controller & tracking receiver but also can help the customer to do selection by outsourcing better ratio of quality , price, performance of electronic products such as BUC, BDC, LNA, LNB ,Modem, Splitter, power supply etc. from our regular renowned Satcom equipment suppliers, integrate all the equipment selected and do turn-key earth stations support.

 Turnkey Earth Stations

  • Facilities design by utilizing our antenna
  • Assist in Civil works
  • Integration of LNAs, Frequency Converters
  • Installation of all equipments selected
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Regular Maintenance

Teleport system

  • Install large fixed antenna from 6.2 to 16 meter
    • Band :C, KU band Limited motion to Full motion antenna
  • Install Tracking System
    - Beacon Receiver, Step Track, Memory Track, OPT Track
  • Install Mono-pulse Tracking System
  • Install HPA system - C-band, Ku-band and Tri-band system up to 1000W SSPA,
      3KW TWTA or KPA
  • Install Converter System
    - C-band, Ku-band and X-band up/down converter
  • Install Modem System
    - 9.6kbps to 155M SDH Modem
     Professional MPEG Video Broadcasting Headend
  • Install Earth Station Monitor and Control System
  • Commissioning
  • Training


Satellite TV Uplink System

  • Do selection &installation of DVB Encoder system
  • Do selection &installation of Statistic and Passive Multiplexer
  • Do selection & installation of customize RF (Phase Combine and duplexer) System
  • Do selection & installation of MPEG Video Signal Monitor System
  • Do selection & installation of SNG Truck and Flyaway System
  • Do selection & installation of Video Backhaul System
  • Do selection & installation of Video Distribution System

V-SAT System

  • Establish SCPC VSAT Station for Banking Networks, Video Conference, Voice and Data transmitting
  • Establish SCPC/DAMA System Network for Voice and Video Conference System, and Circuit Restoration.
  • Establish TDM/TDMA System Network for Two Ways VSAT Network Solution.
  • Establish DVB System Network for Multimedia Broadcasting, (IP, Frame Relay, ATM…) over Satellite.

Marine time antenna system

  • 0.45cm marine time Rx only antenna -adopting latest dynamic tracking solution to realize none interrupting satellite

signal receiving by using anti-corrosion ,waterproof  material under,suitable for working under the most rough sea  

    • 0.6m,1m , 1.2m marine time antenna -utilizing the patented inertial navigation system (INS), fast automatic satellite acquisition, unsurpassed pointing accuracy ,all broadband satellite communications link for voice, data and real time image service ,withstand the most rough sea conditions