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Flat Panel Satellite Terminal for INTELSAT

China Starwin is the list supplier for world's first satellite operator-INTELSAT. Our flat terminal is working well on INTELSAT EpicNG platform,  INTELSAT also recommended and promoted our flat panel satellite antenna at his exhibition and to his customers all the world.


Flat terminal tested at Intelsat Atlanta Teleport


Flat terminal tested at Intelsat HQ USA


Flat terminal tested at Intelsat Perth Australia


Auto portable Terminal working for  Indonesia Police


Intelsat One Fixed Application                                                                       


Auto portable terminal and foldable auto terminal tested in Amsterdam before IBC2019                                                    


Flat terminal presented at Intelst Show


Intelsat visited Starwin


Flat terminal for other customers


Mobile satellite TV antenna Project Cases

For China High-speed Train


For Italy Customer Bus


Tested at Eutelsat Teleport France


For Slovakia Customer


Earth station antenna Project Cases

3.7m antennas for Africa


 4.5m antenna for Africa


3.7m antenna for BOHAI OIL&GAS           3.7m antenna in Kenya


 4.5m antenna for middle east          6.2m antenna for Seychelles 


7.3m antenna for Gabon                9m antenna for Russia