China Starwin Briefing


China Starwin Science&Technology Co.Ltd (China Starwin) is well positioned to provide cost effective Satcom solutions for Chinese and global satellite communications requirements. As a leading flat panel terminal and antenna manufacturer , Starwin always continue to devote to the Innovative engineering solutions by R&D, manufacturing, sales of evolutionary flat panel terminal whether in fixed , mechanically steering or Electronically Steering , OTM antenna , Mobile Satellite Receive only antenna and VSAT Ka,Ku Antenna etc.


Thanks for 3S management principle -Superiority Quality, Speed response, Service -Tailor made service and SMART working principle implementing into actual manufacturing and operation, and developed own patented and advanced panel array and phase array technology, Starwin accomplishes software design such as multi-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, electronica compass, inclination sensor, AGC signal acquisition system, bi-directional search, variable adjustment step satellite tracking method,  servo system control algorithm etc.to obtain dozens of independent IP rights &patents ,


Starwin flat panel terminal is key featured with high integrated ,smart &smaller with high reliability and cost effectivity, has already gain world wide recognition . All these make Starwin to bring innovative Satcom terminal with good user experience to the global communication industry to gain high recognition from long term sound partnership with Satellite operators such as Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES, Arabsat etc. and strategic partner- Modem system supplier(Hughes, iDirect, Comtech,UHP, Newtec , TSAT,NDSATCOM etc) and also Starwin has established worldwide distributors network in North America ,South America and Middle America , MENA and South East Asia etc , All these business relationship utilizes fully each other’s sales channel and advantages to achieve more win win .


Starwin will continue to devote to advance world Satellite communication industry and benefit more customers and end users by Making Vsat Terminal Smart &Fast and Make Satellite communication Simple &Easy.